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As an artist and documentary filmmaker, my mission is to fashion narratives that illuminate the connections between us all.

Many Bones, One Heart is my first independent documentary project.

Leslie Ann Epperson received 3 Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Awards for directing, writing and editing Divine Mission San Xavier del Bac, a documentary about international art conservators repair of the only Mexican ultra baroque church in the US. The PBS Network broadcast Divine Mission nationwide and the film continues to show daily at the San Xavier church museum and resides in several library collections. During some 15 years with PBS affiliates, Epperson’s other documentaries broadcast throughout the PBS system. One of Epperson’s experimental narratives, the Oasis Award winning Space of a Breath screened at several film festivals, and in 2011, Space of a Breath was included in the AZ 100 Indie Film collection, a project of the University of Arizona Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry in conjunction with the Arizona Media Arts Center.

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