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Lester René is a cuban/spanish dancer born in Camaguey, Cuba (05/08/1990), was trained at the"Vocational School of Arts" (EVA) in Camagüey, the "Royal Conservatory of Dance" Mariemma "(RCPDM) in Madrid, Spain and "The Palucca University of Dance" in Dresden, Germany.In parallel, he studied art history at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He volunteered at Goyo Montero's company, Nuremberg State Theatre, and TheForsytheCompany in the art center Hellerau, Dresden. During her studies, he gained experience as a dancer taking part of various projects such as the "Palucca Tanzwoche auf Hiddensee" and two matinees and a soiree at the SemperOper in Dresden with the Palucca University. In the SemperOper also appeared as a guest on the legendary "Coppelia" by George Balanchine and the SemperOperBallet's "Young Choreographers". He is currently a member of the Tanztheater Bronislav Roznos in Volkstheater Rostock, Germany, for the

season 2013/14

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