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Melbourne, Australia

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Lester The Fierce is Anita Lester; a Melbourne based chanteuse who sings

and writes about love, sex, death and the weather. Anita has been a

silent fixture in the Australian music scene, making a name for herself

with her haunting voice, ghost-writing for many artists as well as being

the singer of folk-pop band Me and The Grownups.

She started playing in dark experimental bands from about 18, both

writing and then singing. In 2006 she formed classical folk pop trio, 'Me

and the grownups' with composer, Jonathan Dreyfus and flamenco

guitarist and film composer Adrian Sergovich- They not only gained a

large alternative following, but widely spread critical acclaim.

After touring nationally to all major jazz clubs, multiple times, Anita

felt that maybe her calling was slightly more inclined to alternative pop

and folk inspired rock.

Me and the grownups broke up in 2010.

After a break from music pursuing her other passion and job as a

children's book illustrator (which she still continues to do), she decided

to record her debut solo EP 'the summer deluge' with Colin Leadbetter

(Whitley, Dirt Farmer). This is when Lester the Fierce (imagined from a

potential children's book

hero) was born.

On the back of her stunning first release, LTF decide to try her luck in

America, leaving with a single 'colours' (which music video was also

animated by Anita).

It did better than expected gaining high rotation on independent radio

radio and more importantly, attracting interest from international labels.

In mid 2012 LTF was picked up by an indie label in NYC and caught the

eye of the infamous Kevin Agunus (responsible for Edward Sharp and The

Magnetic Zeros, Gotye and Cold War kids to name a few). He quickly

brought her to Sound City Studios with intention to record LTFs debut


Now back in Australia, Lester The Fierce is releasing her second self-

titled EP. Collecting some of the most prolific young musicians in

Melbourne (such as: drummer Justin Olsson - Fearless Vampire

Killers, multi-instrumentalist Noah Earp - local folk music legend, bass

player Louis Gill - Australia's best kept secret and guitarist Danny Cox -

man of 1000 pedals), she has teamed up with producer/composer

Jonathan Dreyfus to create a piece of 'pop-art'.

It's an exciting and long awaited evolution and has been highly


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