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Jacksonville, FL

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From the same city Ray Charles found his love for rhythm and blues and the lead singer of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst, combined elements of Rock and Hip-Hop music. An artist is waiting and developing a way to appear on the Hip-Hop scene.

Levi Fresco was born September 30, 1990. The libra fell in love with Hip-Hop at the age of four when he first heard "Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check" by Busta Rhymes. Ever since then, he wanted to become a Hip-Hop superstar.

The North Jacksonville, FL native started his music career as a well-known battle rapper in 2005. With no mixtapes nor albums, he was just an amateur on the rise that needed studio time. Working a part-time job and participating in illegal activities to pay for studio time during high school, Levi was able to record his first CD under a different rap name. He built a buzz for himself throughout his hometown and receiving a lot of hits and plays from MySpace, YouTube, etc.

Levi created his own diversity for his music while working on his craft to make sure his delivery and quality was better. Investing in his career without a management team behind him, he networked with a lot of major executives. From Grand Hustle (T.I.'s label), Cash Money Records, Warner Bros. Records and Brick Squad (Waka Flocka's label), he is destined to be the next artist to dominate Southern Hip-Hop.

In 2011, Levi was featured on Thisis50.com (50 Cent's blog), Coast 2 Coast mixtapes, 24-7 Hip-Hop, etc. in March for his most anticipated street record, "G-5 Status". The Duval County pioneer took another path to the top by putting his hometown on the map.

His new smash hit single, "Gasoline", produced by Lex Luger, is making more noise all over the Internet and local clubs. Bringing a "hippie turned street" sound to the table, there are no other artist that sound like him and has a voice compared to his. With the help and support from Streetkode Magazine, "Gasoline" is making a brand name for Levi Fresco.

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