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Lex has a varied musical output.The label is not focused on one particular genre (although most releases are alternative hip hop, alternative rock or electronica) and instead focusses on working with a small group of individual artists, supporting their work. As a result of the small roster, Lex has a low volume of releases, rarely releasing more than three albums annually.

Dazed described Lex as a label "...whose wildly creative output spans over a decade of landmark releases that have changed the music industry no end."

Lex albums are often collaborations between members of the label roster and musicians from elsewhere. These collaborative groups include Danger Mouse with MF Doom as Danger Doom, Boom Bip with Gruff Rhys as Neon Neon, Jneiro Jarel with Khujo Goodie as Willie Isz, and Jneiro Jarel with MF Doom as JJ DOOM. Forthcoming releases include a new album from Neon Neon and the debut album from Nevermen.

Lex packaging is striking and often elaborate. Much of the Lex sleeve artwork is created by Ehquestionmark. Other sleeve artwork has been created by ESPO, Kid Acne, James Jarvis and Yu Sato.


Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins
Andrew Broder
Boom Bip
Danger Mouse
Jneiro Jarel (aka Dr. Who Dat?)
Kid Acne

FORMER - disbanded / individual releases

Prince Po
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
DJ Signify
Hymie's Basement
Mummy Fortunas Theatre Company
S.A Andree
Tiago La
Willie Isz

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