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Luiz & Gabriel Esteves's Leyline is a path to modern, experimental and alternative music made in Brazil with no connections to any recording companies. (But we can sell our souls to the devil for some millions of dollars... Any takers?)

On the first Leyline CD "Project One", recorded in 2001, Luiz had the collaboration of his son, Gabriel Esteves, who was only 14 at that time. After listening to an astonishing guitar solo played by Gabriel, Luiz realised that the young boy had to be the official guitar-player for Leyline. "Project One" contains 15 instrumental tracks.

In 2002, Luiz & Gabriel recorded "what's on the way ", with Luiz on vocals, keyboards, programming, bass, acoustic and electric guitars and Gabriel on the electric guitar. Karl Mooney from Dublin, Ireland, wrote some lyrics for Leyline music.

"Just For Fun", the third album by Leyline, was released in 2003. Luiz Esteves & Gabriel Esteves had the collaboration of Joao de Deus (of Banda Makaloba), Taquinho Noronha and Karl Mooney.

In 2004, the single Rio Burning (Rio Em Chamas) was released.

"Noise From My Room", the fourth CD, was released in January 2005.

The 5th album, "Dreaming Again", with 15 new tracks, was released in 2009.

In 2013, Leyline released the two-track single "When the Sun Is Down / Mesmerism

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