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Ron Paul Girl Radio - every night @ 12:00 AM CST
Libertarian Ann Live
Kcking Neo-Con Ass Daily!

No agenda, No financial backers, No ties to anyone, No commercials, No rules, Serious Free Speech coming at ya every night, via a white chick from Texas... lol.
Just searching for the truth... not a demagogue host! We focus on everything, but specialize in analyzing ht psychology behind everything the people do, childhood development and future of libertarian movement, anarchist ideas, discuss PTSD from rape and other traumas, and exposing the adoption industry for its corruption and resemblance to the government, revisionist history and more. Theology and Psychology major, turned activist. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious. Frequent guests are Carol Paul, Richard Gilbert, Mr. Politics, Jordan Page, stefan Molyneux, and many more.

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