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Warren, Maine

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In 1981, Tom Lie-Nielsen started making one tool in an old farm shed.

Today, 30 years later, we are proud to continue the tradition of “Made in America” with a team of 65 craftspeople devoted to designing and creating tools of the finest quality, functionality and beauty. We make nearly 100 different types of tools in our 30,000 square feet of shop space in mid-coast Maine.

Our first priority is quality. Instead of out-sourcing all our jobs for the cheapest price and short term profit, we are stubbornly local. We have found that the best quality is right here in Maine. We source our metal castings from New England foundries, our wood from Maine sawyers, and make almost everything else the old-fashioned way at our shop in Warren.

We also teach the craft of woodworking through our instructional DVDs, YouTube videos, and seasonal weekend workshops. Our showroom and factory are open to the public for tours and demonstrations. Through our traveling Hand Tool Events®, we collaborate with woodworking guilds, businesses, and schools across North America to promote woodworking education – specifically geared towards hands-on skill building.

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