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Liers is an all girl rock band from Argentina. Their live shows offer high doses of energy, rawness and spontaneity. Without having a studio album, the simple proposal of their live music and a myspace has been enough to catch the press attention from the beginning, appearing in many graphic, audiovisual and radio media, local and international.
The Página/12 newspaper listed them as one of the 1000 all time bands that you must listen before you die. The Rolling Stone magazine presented them as one of the 2011 hottest bands. The Brazilian newspaper O Globo named them as one Argentinean rock’s promeses.

“With the ultra hot Ludmila Guerzoni at the front, the girls from Liers carries something raw and honest in their music and punt on very euphoric shows, with a rock so energetic that if you see it live you’ll never forget it”.
DNITE magazine

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    increíble, somos tus fans y queremos hacer video ya con vos