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The vision of Life Church is to make it hard to go to hell from Omaha! We believe God has raised up Life Church to give life to whosoever will.

At Life Church...

You can encounter God in a meaningful way, through worship and sound Bible teaching.
You can find love and acceptance the moment you walk through the door.
You can be trained and empowered to do ministry and fulfill your God-given purpose.
You can build relationships and find a small intimate group of people that will be there for you when life happens.

The Life Church structure is simple and effective, enabling you to easily get involved and grow. It consists of only two things: multiplying leaders and multiplying churches.

We multiply leaders by…

Encouraging everyone to be a part of a Life Group. These are our small groups that meet weekly. Men with men and women with women. Just like Jesus had his group of 12, we believe that everyone should lead, or be a part of, a small group of up to 12 people.
Also, we multiply leaders through our strategy to WIN, CONNECT, BUILD, and SEND.
Finally, we multiply leaders through our pastors mentoring other pastors and leaders in North America and around the world.

We multiply churches by…

Partnering with SURGE, a global initiative to plant hundreds of thousands of churches around the world.
Developing church plant teams to devote at least one year to be a part of a new church plant.
Our strategic plan to multiply ourselves every three years.

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