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    A Breath of Venus

    by Lightcurve Films

    5 Videos

    A Breath of Venus is a set of four educational film about Venus exploration and the European Space Agency's Venus Express mission. (produced in 2007 by Lightcurve Films with the support of…

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    by Lightcurve Films

    2 Videos

    Here are my films that have no scientific topic!

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    Beyond the Red

    by Lightcurve Films

    3 Videos

    Beyond the Red is a set of three educational films about the European Space Agency's newest science missions Herschel and Planck, recently launched. (publication with the authorisation of ESA)

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    De Sitter Meester-Astronoom

    by Lightcurve Films

    5 Videos

    Presentation of the biography of Willem de Sitter, written by Dr. Jan Guichelaar, on may 18 2010 at the Leiden Observatory.

  5. 05:47

    ESA Creative Videos: Gaia, mapping one billion stars

    by Lightcurve Films

    3 Videos

    A series of three test videos, for the ESA.

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    European Planetary Science Conference 2010 Public Events

    by Lightcurve Films

    4 Videos

    The European Planetary Science Conference 2010, was held from 20 to 24 of September, in Rome. Here are videos of the public talks, the Planetarrella demonstration and the Rosetta's Comet Touchdown…

  7. 01:39:48

    Exploring and Understanding the Universe

    by Lightcurve Films

    7 Videos

    A series of educational film about astronomy and astrophysics produced for the Paris Observatory

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    Orquestra do Algarve

    by Lightcurve Films

    6 Videos

    On June 17, 2011, the Orquestra do Algarve gave a beneficial concert at the Centro de Congressos do Arade in the Algarve, Portugal. Here are some of the pieces they performed.

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    Spiral Galaxy

    by Lightcurve Films

    5 Videos

    Leiden, April 1953. After centuries of searching, years of waiting, months of observing and weeks of calculating the first map of our Galaxy is put together. Spiral Galaxy, the Milky Way unravelled,…

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