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I’ve been in private practice for 18 years and every year have seen an increasing need for people to take charge of their own health. I think it’s essential that people take a look at the facts and then make choices based on those facts.

So many health choices are made on emotionalism and are more destructive than good. I to give my clients great information so they can make the kind of choices that will add to life, not shorten it.

I want to share with what I’m learning and seeing in my life and the lives of my clients. I’m the first to say I’ve learned more from my clients than any text book presented to me in school or seminars.

My goal is to lead a group of dedicated clients in a journey to learn how to live a long, healthy, successful life. And not be satisfied with anything less.

I'm also a fanatic for innovation and I love the Vimeo community because it gives me a platform to get my ideas and discoveries out to the world -- awesome:)

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  1. Same problem here -- can you include me in your reply when you come up with a fix? Thx