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LAB gallery is a collaborative laboratory via streaming and invitation of artists (art, performance, music, sound art, theater..).

- Hörlursfestival is a collaborative festival streaming
- Upgrade project was an international network of the "Upgrade International!" with nodes all over the world working to combine art and technology as "Art and Multimedia."
The first node started in 1999 in New York and today there are about 30 nodes mainly in the U.S. and Europe, but also in South America, Africa and Asia. In Sweden, in autumn 2008 the first node "UPGRADE! Östersund-Stockholm" started in Östersund and continued by video interview.
Each Upgrade node is autonomous: we wanted to link the practice and thought: first because we are artists ourselves and we believe that the multimedia tools (technology and low tech) can be criticized on the basis of practice ; second because this is a modest contribution in order to spray some local documentation about art and multimedia as well as art and science, art and ecology, art and low tech.

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