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Jenny Rae is a 27 year old Southern California native. She attended a private school in the valley for 9 years, followed by public high school in Oak Park, CA. She decided to skip the college lifestyle due to the fact that she did NOT like school. The day dreamer in her caused her to doodle in class rather than listen to the teacher, which also caused her to take night school after graduation to get her diploma.

Taking up random jobs after graduation seemed to be her best bet. Her first job was a receptionist at the local nail salon for a few months followed by the local Rite Aid to earn some spending money.

Jenny Rae knew early on that she wanted to work for the Disney company. She's been a huge Disney fan since she was a little girl. In 2003, Jenny Rae started working at the Disney Store in the mall. She then became a Disneyland cast member 2004-2006. Lastly, she was on the Radio Disney Road Crew 2007-2011.

Once she started Lil Rae Cakes, she was able to quit her job at Radio Disney only a few months after it's rising success.

Only 3 months after her business was created, she was the Cupcake Showdown champion at L.A. Art Walk. The Sweets Truck recognized her success, and offered to sell her product. Meanwhile, she was also selling her Lil Rae Cakes at Melissa Joan Harts candy store, Sweet Harts, in Sherman Oaks until mid last year. The store is currently under new ownership, and Lil Rae Cakes are back as of February 2012.

Since her success, she has catered to many companies such as Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, DreamWorks, Paramount, WB... among many others.

Some of her favorite 2011 accomplishments include The Nerd Machine and Zac Levi's NERD HQ party at San Diego Comic-Con, The Muppets Premiere, Betsey Johnson's meet n greet at her Santa Monica boutique, birthday Lil Rae Cakes for Bob Iger, and the celebration of her 1 year anniversary of Lil Rae Cakes.

What makes Lil Rae Cakes different from other cake ball businesses is Jenny Rae's style and personality. She's created a look that she embodies when delivering or catering events. It's somewhat of a pinup/nerd combo. Her eccentric personality is one in a million, and she's not ashamed of being a geek. Jenny Rae was picked on and bullied throughout school, but later learned to embrace her personality. She also lives a drug-free lifestyle, and loves to show people that you can make something of yourself without the use of drugs.

Jenny Rae is an all around artist who loves everything from painting to photography to designing. There are many future plans for projects that are in the works or in her notepad. You can expect to see much more of her.

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