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I'm Lily-Jean...

I make experimental/documentary films and I'm a keen film buff. I also write- studied film journalism as a postgraduate. In terms of film in general, I've got an interest in the cinematic gaze, reality and illusion, and film music/scores. I hope to become a filmmaker, film critic, and visual artist. I like to do a little bit of everything. Feel free to contact me via comments and so on. The rest of my films, which I couldn't fit on here, can be viewed on my Youtube page (link below).

I've acted in a few films- 'A Great Western LifeStyle' by Jenni Wright which is being submitted for the MyStreet 2013 competition (link below), and I'm also in a film called 'Overwrite' by Karoliina Pulkkinen which is currently being shown/submitted at festivals in the UK.

Hope you like my style.

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