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Ontario, Canada

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• Publishing • Writer • Novelist
• Film • Direction • Director

"Within every person is a story waiting to be told.
Within every story is a film waiting to unfold."
~Christina King

Writer, Storyteller, and Filmmaker, Christina King, creates short art films from a personal perspective. Based on real life events, they are collections of mystery and adventure stories that she has gathered over the course of many years. She is currently working on a new novel and web series that centres around a main character by the name of "Lily Rose"...

Descendant from Scottish, English, Welsh, and French families, Christina comes from a very long line of story tellers. She writes from a small loft in a tower with a water view. The bay over which she watches has the highest tides in the world, the extremes of which, she says, match the ebbs and flows of her life. In other worlds, she uses the pen name of "Lily Rose", which is also the name of the main character in her forthcoming novels.

Her Vimeo Channel is here:
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

She started a Vimeo Group for "Women Filmmakers" here:
Women Filmmakers


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