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In 2001, two aspiring filmmakers--John L. Carkeet IV and Adam T. Lee--agreed to make a movie. Together with a few friends and relatives, the pair finished their first project in 2002. That same year, Mr. Carkeet and Mr. Lee produced a second short and submitted it to the Collaboration Film Contest, one of the largest of its kind in Florida. Their team's entry earned a slot in the semi-finals, thus granting one of Carkeet and Lee's greatest wish: to watch their movie on the silver screen.

Shortly after the premier, the two gave their filmmaking group a name. No one knows the exact details as to the origins of "LimpingFrog Productions." Still, the indisputable fact remains that neither partner has challenged to change it.

So far six short films bear the LimpingFrog brand. Thanks to enhancements in experience and equipment, the company has expanded to include a multitude of media services such as weddings, conferences, model shoots, and music videos. Mr. Carkeet and Mr. Lee plan to produce their first feature length film next year. Until then, they will leap at every opportunity to provide serious video to serious clients.

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