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  1. New Eros

    by Les films qui donnent chaud joined

    103 Videos 561 Members

    Art + sexuality videos, from eroticism to porn, an adult point of view on art. Only personnal videos (no film extract, no commercial porn) Curator : Gaël L. / www.gael-l.com

  2. Coffee

    by Yen-Chen joined

    15 Videos 12 Members


    by Andris Damburs ☮ joined

    2,992 Videos 17.4K Members

    From Lumiere Brothers to contemporary cinema... a subjective view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors; documentary, "unknown" and underground cinema; music and animation…

  4. Video Glitch

    by SilverlagE joined

    1,437 Videos 669 Members

    Only join this group if you setup your video as a download and are are willing to allow anyone to download your video and use it under the 'Creative Commons' license as Attribution Attribution:…

  5. Sculpture

    by Leo Schriever joined

    293 Videos 158 Members

    Fine Art Sculpture

  6. Painting & Sculpture

    by Salim Alhasso joined

    1,224 Videos 300 Members

    All artists are invited to join our group and contribute videos of their original work . The hope is that this group becomes an on-line gallery. All creative people wishing to share their work with…

  7. Sculpture

    by Eric Peltzer joined

    716 Videos 384 Members

    Dedicated to sculpture and 3D artwork. Abstract, modern, experimental, kinetic, whatever. When there are more members and videos, this group could be split up into more specialized categories. For…

  8. Art and Artists

    by Scattergood Moore joined

    4,638 Videos 706 Members

    varies videos on art and artists



    6,754 Videos 3,060 Members

    This is a group for young fashion designers who want to show their style. Bel Esprit is an online showroom for international designers and is always looking for new and dynamic fashion to present…

  10. Fashion Videos

    by Andrea Duchesneau joined

    5,355 Videos 1,386 Members

  11. Canon DSLR Video Users

    by MARK KLASSEN joined

    4,842 Videos 4,902 Members

    This group is dedicated to those who shoot with Canon DSLRs to make the many various forms of moving images you'll find in this group. Please take the time to enjoy some of the films, as well…

  12. Apparel & Fashion clothing Exporters - Suppliers

    by stylewizinc, Clothing Suppliers joined

    142 Videos 110 Members

    Apparel and Fashion Entrepreneurs Group! Whether you are looking for a business partner, investors, fashion show coordinators, models, employees, trend inspiration or business information, the Apparel…

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