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  1. 02:45:42

    MA Documentary Practice Brunel

    by Linda Mason

    18 Videos

    Films made whilst at Brunel studying for my MA - includes some of the weekly tasks we needed to film/edit. My short film made in term two can be viewed here https://vimeo.com/88361206 (password love)…

  2. 22:18

    National Citizen Service in Oxfordshire

    by Linda Mason

    4 Videos

    Short films exploring the NCS programme in Oxfordshire during summer 2013 as part of the Oxfordshire County Council Early Intervention Service.

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  6. 19:42

    Friendship Works

    by Linda Mason

    4 Videos

    Films made for the charity Friendship Works

  7. 01:17:17

    Quaker and Business Annual Conference

    by Linda Mason

    3 Videos

    November 16th 2011

  8. 01:34:38

    Master Classes - Mental health, Race and Culture

    by Linda Mason

    6 Videos

    Master Class talks given in 2011 - for more information on Suman Fernando http://www.sumanfernando.com/

  9. 09:17

    Spare time

    by Linda Mason

    22 Videos

    Films I make/edit for fun :-)

  10. 00:00

    Summer Arts 2011 - Oxfordshire

    by Linda Mason

    8 Videos

    Chance to see our films from the 3 weeks Summer Arts College 2011 Read the blog we wrote over the three weeks: http://sac11oxford.blogspot.com/ Taken from the moderator report: "Linda, once…

  11. 00:00

    Barnstorming Day

    by Linda Mason

    9 Videos

    In March 2011 a group of professionals came together for a ‘Barnstorming Day’ to discuss and share experiences of using the arts with vulnerable groups, especially young people. Few…

  12. 00:00

    Festivals and Music

    by Linda Mason

    4 Videos

    I also love to film at festivals

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