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Lee Matney, born in Richmond Virgina, is the owner and director of Linda Matney Gallery. He is a photography and video artist who has exhibited his work in Georgia, Washington D.C. and Virginia. He started as a street photographer in Athens GA and then a fashion photographer in Atlanta. He worked with musicologists while in college-including photographing the widow of Blind Willie Mctell for a film project. He also appeared as an actor in the James Herbert music video "Onion Soup" for the musician Vic Chesnutt. As a fashion photographer in Atlanta he worked covering fashion shows and collaborated with writers on photo stories- including Gina Piccalo now a contributor to the LA Times. John also worked as printer of silver gelatin prints for celebrity fashion photographers in Atlanta. After moving back to Virginia in 1997, he has had work in the Peninsula Fine Art Center, The Torpedo Factory Art Center and the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia among others- He was artist in residence and in-house consultant to the director at Pasquier House of Art -A gallery dealing in the original art of Barclay Sheaks, Gloria Coker and others. Lee helped Mr. Sheaks with preparations for publication of a book and installed the work for his 1997 one person show. John has won numerous awards in the Hampton Roads and the Alexandria Va area- including reviews for his photographs by critics such as Lennox Campello. Noteworthy work in Hampton Roads includes the 2002 Hampton Bay Days poster and other commercial projects. In 2008 Lee decided to open the Linda Matney Gallery which is named after his mother who died in 2001 from breast cancer and began focusing more on fine art, collaborations with other artist and reconnection with his original love for art and photography that is personal and visionary and less trendy and commercial. The gallery was finally completed in June 2010. Lee and Paul Thomas recently produced a music video for the Athens Ga band, Supercluster for their song "I've Got The Answer" which appeared in the Post Punk Film Festival at the Fairfax Theater in Los Angeles California.

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