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LinesLab 是一個註冊商標,遞屬於CDF. 一個現代化品牌,完全地忠實於一個結論, 那就是它為當今城市創意產品的定義:物件/產品+人物與事情.

Lines Lab is a venture with a contemporary orientation based in Macau I China and Lisbon I Portugal, committed in full to the equation of objects, people and events. Headed by Manuel CS (industrial & urban designer) + Clara Brito (contemporary fashion & product designer) the spaces LL are also laboratories for the synthesis of creation and risk. To a great extent, design, in all its dimensions and, of course, in authenticity, is risk taking. LL are spaces both for working, commercial showcasing and provision of a range of creative services.

Asia | China | Macau:
Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro No.8-A3 (tel. +853 28523869 )

Europe | Portugal | Lisbon:
Av. Barbosa du Bocage, N-122 / 3º esq. – 1050-033 (tel. +351 21 795 4142 )

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