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For the past decade at LinkGard, we've successfully provided our clients with full-spectrum, custom software development, information security, software consulting, training, education and now, we are proud to introduce our partnership with Google™, delivering complete communication and collaboration solutions with staggering ROI via Google Apps™. As an Google Apps™ Authorized Reseller, we are at the forefront of cloud computing and can help you get you there too. We've read the research, looked at the math and smoothly transitioned our clientele. One thing is exceptionally clear to us, as Google™ resellers and IT Managers: removing barriers to technology through Google Apps™ for Business allows the human experience within technology to shine. We see it every time. Our Google Apps clients experience improved collaboration, increased security and as a testament to the human spirit, increased mobility. As a Google Apps reseller let us get you up and running.

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  • Linkgard - Google Apps Reseller - Let Linkgard show you how Google Apps can help your business. Experience improved collaboration, security, and mobility, while increasing the overall return on your IT investments. We are a Google Apps reseller that you can trust.

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