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Atlanta, GA

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I joined 11Alive in September 2010 as a multimedia journalist which has truly been an amazing experience. I get to learn something new every day while telling some of the coolest stories from the Metro-Atlanta area.
I am a native of sunny South Florida and attended the University of Miami. That means these fun (or not-so-fun) ice storms and lack of palm trees are new experience. I am reluctantly learning the meaning of winter…and snow…and ice…and how to defrost a car.
I began my career working in Haiti and Harlem, New York on former President Bill Clinton’s Haiti Launch Team. There, I was responsible for developing a project to assist Haitians who became amputees as a result of the earthquake. As I myself am Haitian, this was such a touching experience for me. I was able to reconnect with my heritage while assisting a nation in dire need.
Working at 11Alive has been so rewarding because community service is one of my greatest passions. Reporting has allowed me to connect with the community while telling stories through the eyes of others.
I am an eager learning and am always looking for new story ideas. If you have any news tips, or would like to reach out- you can email me at


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