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LIQUIDOSTUDIO | Brand Design Thinking

We develop BRAND DESIGN solutions for big brands and also for emerging organisations.
We respect the values of the most consolidated brands and interpret them with innovative and high-quality designs. We preserve the essence, enhancing its value, always keeping pace with a constantly evolving context. We conceive new and attractive solutions for emerging brands seeking the best instruments for a successful image.

Each design is the product of a meticulous analysis of the context, the target and the reference aims. For every customer we develop “TAILOR MADE” solutions for THEIR made-to-measure design; no two designs are ever the same, because no two customers, needs and contexts are ever the same.

We believe in the GLOBAL APPROACH and in the importance of IDEAS, the CREATIVE and DECISION-MAKING PROCESS, the METHOD, the STRATEGY and the CONTEXT, for the creation of an EFFECTIVE and SUCCESSFUL PROCESS.

We are designers, architects, experts in communication and new technologies; a close-knit, flexible, creative, skilled, curious and enthusiastic multi-disciplinary team.

Our structure is agile and streamlined; we work with a trusted network of high-level partners and suppliers to offer “turnkey” solutions and an excellent result, from all points of view.
We internally manage the whole working process, optimising it to guarantee customers quick service, greater control and lower costs.

For all these reasons, we define our approach as “BRAND DESIGN THINKING”.

Those who have placed their trust in us, continue to work with us.

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