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Lisa Nordström
Musician, artist and composer Lisa Nordström is based in Göteborg, Sweden. Besides her work as a solo artist, she is part of the celebrated electronica duo Midaircondo and various other constellations. Lisa is an acclaimed musician within the contemporary avant-garde scene and works extendedly in Sweden and internationally.
Lisa’s music is truly unique, taking a love of fragmented stories and layers of sounds and images in between light and dark.
Extending the range of acoustic sounds through technical and technological means, Lisa mixes electronic sounds with her voice and instruments such as bass flute, zither and sounding objects.
Besides frequent tours around the world and recording/releasing music, Lisa composes for dance, theatre, exhibitions, TV and film.
Albums in selection: Lisa Nordström: "7 States of Passion" (Kning Disk 2008). Midaircondo: "Shopping for images" (Type 2005), "Curtain Call" (Twin Seed Recordings 2008), "Reports on the Horizon" (Twin Seed Recordings 2011).