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  1. 10:55:52

    Without Destination - Practicing Nature-Based Tourism / 2011

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    40 Videos

    20th Jan - 10th April 2011 Practicing Nature-Based Tourism is an international, interdisciplinary conference dedicated to nature-based tourism and Iceland’s role as a tourist destination. The…

  2. 03:35:05

    Ný list verður til - A New Art Emerges / 2011

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    21 Videos

    Ný list verður til 10. september – 6. nóvember 2011 Kjarvalsstaðir. Hvað gerist þegar eitt skeið í listum víkur fyrir öðru? Verða…

  3. 01:43:01

    Myndlistarþing / 2010

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    17 Videos

    Þann 19. apríl 2010 var áratugur liðinn frá því að Listasafn Reykjavíkur var opnað í Hafnarhúsinu. Af því tilefni…

  4. 08:09:15

    Alternative North - Symposium / 2010

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    16 Videos

    5th Nov - 07th Nov 2010 The two-day symposium brought together an international group of curators, art writers and programme directors to discuss and debate the state of contemporary art in the…

  5. 05:44:11

    Perspectives - On the border of art and philosophy / 2011

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    13 Videos

    21st May - 04th Sept 2011 Perspectives - On the Borders of Art and Philosophy offers an unusual overview of contemporary Icelandic art. Selected by eight curators, the exhibition is representative…

  6. 14:32

    D19 Hops Hopsi by Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir / 2011

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    5 Videos

    20th Jan — 27th Feby 2011 The D19 project, Hops Hopsi, is a 10-channel video installation created in 2010. The title of the installation is borrowed from the names of two clowns (Hop and Hopsi)…

  7. 01:31:04

    Nei! Málþing um róttækni og andóf / 2012

    by Listasafn Reykjavíkur / RAM

    4 Videos

    Nei! Málþing um róttækni og andóf. Sunnudag 11. mars kl. 14-16. 
 Yfirgripsmikið málþing um róttækni og andóf í samtímanum…

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