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The idea of forming a matchless and an out-of-this-world advertising agency and calling it LI Studios was decided by Laki, our chief. After the laying of the foundation stone was done in 2008, Shanu and Dani teamed up with Laki to chase a common dream. LI Studios met their first client, Asian Adventures, a leading travel agency in the country. The meeting took place on the 1st of March 2008. It was then that Chami joined forces and added an extra spark to the team.

After working together for a year or so we realized a need to market ourselves in a better way. This is where Ricky came into the picture. He continues to lead the marketing team of LI in ways best known to him. Tons and tons of work started pouring into LI where suddenly the entire team seemed to be swimming in it. It was then that the team decided that new members were required and Dinu, Januka and Nigel were recruited respectively. Areas relating to design, coding and copywriting were now under control. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The team currently operates with a clientele that seems to grow each day. Our aim is to be the best among the best as we continue to go beyond the unthinkable and explore a level of craziness never seen before.


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