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Denver, CO

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My story starts in Denver, Colorado, where adolescent life granted ample freedom, mischief and haphazard turmoil to inspire playfully sinister creations. Though somewhat rebellious as a kid, I was pretty bright. I could have studied medicine or law, the go-to fields for defining success, the comfort zones of the word remedy. But I wrote horror stories, poetry and sketched with aspirations of being an author, until a deep affinity with carving set my pursuit onto an alternate course of storytelling. While earning my BFA in Sculpture from Metropolitan State University, I became fascinated with objects and their power to communicate silently, visually. I resolved myself to a life of aberrantly manipulating a medley of materials and inventing darkly humorous narratives. Now, my peculiar stories are expressed conceptually through multimedia installations, sculpture, poetry and collage. I'm a member at and you can visit my website at

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