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Littleglobe is a New Mexico-based 501(c)(3) organization devoted to building individual and community capacity through collaboration and creative engagement. Littleglobe exists to create collaborative art, encourage community capacity, and foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us.

Littleglobe works in two ways:

I: Large-Scale Community Collaborations—Common Ground New Mexico. The Littleglobe artistic team collaborates with community participants, affiliate artists, community organizers, and partner organizations on large-scale art and community projects. Each project involves months of collaborative engagement and art-making that enables participants to explore difficult questions as well as illuminate perspectives, experiences, and stories that are marginalized. Out of this shared experience, new perspectives and conceptions arise and a community-inspired, creative work of social and artistic import is created. Following the performance/installation/festival/work of art, Littleglobe continues to partner with the community to facilitate and nurture continuing dialogue, development projects, and cultural leadership.

The Littleglobe creative and collaborative process honors both the wisdom of each individual and the particular needs and concerns of each community, ultimately promoting individual and community empowerment, empathy, social inclusion, and a renewed sense of human dignity. Littleglobe’s Common Ground Projects include Memorylines Santa Fe, The TOC Community Festival, Lines & Circles, Ruta: A Bus Opera, Lifesongs, Coal, and the LG Training Initiative.

II: Artist-Led Works of Art & Performance: Littleglobe also supports projects/works of art & performance created and produced by its core artists. These projects vary in scope and emphasis, depending on the artist’s vision. All are mixed-media projects; all are collaborations between artists, and all are marked by artistic experimentation and rigor. Artist-led projects are also in keeping with Littleglobe’s mission and values—the creation of socially meaningful art that transforms both individuals and communities. Littleglobe artist-led projects include Garden, Salve, and Open Books.

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