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LIttle Spoons Cafe is a television program where Chef Eric Pomert teaches kids how to cook. In a gentle atmosphere of adventure and humor, kids jump into their food experience and learn to carry a sense of choice, confidence and culinary curiosity into life. Chef Eric also does presentations for schools and businesses as well a limited number of small after-school organic cooking classes for elementary school aged children.

A former award-winning film editor in New York and Los Angeles with credits at Sundance and Cannes, Eric Pomert grew up in a French family and has been cooking since the age of 7. He received his BA in Biology and French from Columbia University and studied acting and theater at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He completed training as a Certified Natural Chef at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.

A key piece in Eric’s program is his ongoing exploration and understanding of child development. He has over 20 years’ experience mentoring and tutoring youths from 6 to 18, including volunteering and counseling with Project Happy and the 52nd Street Project, both in Manhattan. His goal is to nourish students with self-esteem and delicious food.

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