All the tools you need for live streaming and beyond.

  • Ad-free HD

    Get stunning quality with no ads before, during, or after your live and hosted videos.

  • Secure sharing

    Safely send and receive videos of all sizes, and enjoy password protection and domain-level privacy.

  • Lightning-quick human support

    Get email responses within one hour (weekdays), and chat support (U.S. business hours).

  • Simultaneous events

    Live stream up to three events at once, so you’ve got coverage for all your happenings.

  • In-depth stats

    Get live, post-event, and social stats to see what’s working, and dive deeper with Google Analytics.

  • Stream to social media

    Extend your reach by simultaneously live streaming to Vimeo and Facebook, YouTube, or your favorite RTMP destinations.

  • Cloud transcoding and RTMP

    Ensure your viewers get higher quality, while you get more flexibility and save dollars.

  • Auto archiving

    Review and publish post-event videos, and edit and replace the file as many times you need.

  • Powerful integrations

    Sync up seamlessly with all the places you use most, like Dropbox, Adobe, MailChimp, and more.

  • Collect and gather feedback

    Create a review page of your post-event video, and gather feedback before publishing.

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Live streaming with all the power of Vimeo.

Or try a plan built just for video hosting, starting at $7 per month.

Vimeo Premium

For live streaming and hosting

$75 per month

billed annually

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Unlimited live streaming

7TB archiving storage

As a Premium member, you get unlimited live streaming (up to 12 hours per event), and 7TB archiving storage.

Need even more live? We can customize a plan just for you.

Drop us a line to get 24/7 live streaming, branded OTT apps, events monetization, advanced security, dedicated support, live API, production services, and more.

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Join risk-free: get a full refund if you cancel any time within the first 30 days of an annual membership.

  • As a Premium member, you get unlimited live streaming (up to 12 hours per event), and 7TB archiving storage.

  • Ad-free, embeddable HD player

    Live stream in up to 1080p across devices with cloud transcoding, and embed your live events anywhere.

  • Video privacy

    Send private links, password-protect events, and choose where your event can be embedded.

  • Player customization

    Add your logo and customize the design of the player.

  • Stream to social media

    Simultaneously stream to Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, or RTMP destinations, and get stats by channel.

  • Simultaneous events

    Live stream up to 3 events simultaneously.

  • Audience chat

    Give your audience a place to chat during your event.

  • Live support

    Enjoy chat support during US business hours and email responses within 1 hour on business days (Eastern time).

  • Onboarding specialist

    Learn the best practices with a kick-off call from our experts.

Includes all our video hosting features
  • Lead generation tools

    Add a custom call to action in the player, and capture emails and sync them with your marketing software.

  • Powerful analytics

    Get insights from our Google Analytics integration, and engagement and duration graphs.

  • Sell worldwide

    Tools to sell your archived events and uploaded videos.

  • Team collaboration

    Add up to 10 team members to manage videos and collaborate on private projects within your account.

Custom plans

For media companies and high-volume needs

Get 24/7 live streaming, advanced security, and more.

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Join risk-free: get a full refund if you cancel any time within the first 30 days of an annual membership.

Frequently asked questions

What else do I need to go live?

Besides your membership, event producers just need to connect to a camera and an RTMP-enabled encoder, which sends your live recording to Vimeo. Connecting to an encoder is easy - we provide simple instructions and a professional support team if you need help. You can use any encoder you want, but we recommend Livestream Studio, Mevo, OBS, or Telestream Wirecast.

Do I keep all of my features when I switch to Premium?

Yes! You keep all of your features and videos, and your account will be upgraded to include the additional features and storage that come with your Premium membership.

Are there really no streaming limits?

Vimeo Premium members get unlimited streaming in the Vimeo player to any number of viewers, across as many events as you'd like, with each event limited to 12 hours. No overages. No hidden fees.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can try a plan risk-free for 30 days. If you're not satisfied with your membership, you can get a refund within the 30-day period.

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