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LIVE ON TAPE was a low-budget comedy sketch show that aired Saturday nights at 10pm on KLJB-TV (FOX 18) in Davenport Iowa from 1987 until 1990. At the time, "Live on Tape" was the only locally produced entertainment show in the Quad City area and the only original sketch comedy show produced in the Midwest. Working with local talent, no budget, and cheap sets, Live on Tape was rough n' cheesy, but overall fun local television. The skits ranged from the truly awful, to some inspired comic moments with such characters as: E.J. Crackerhorn, Arnie Upshoe, Guy Newswarthy, Uncle Joey, Nosey, Clive Knobfinder, Zippy Spamhammer, and Bongo the Exploding Clown (to name a few).

Much of the humor poked fun at local and national personalities, spoofed commercials and TV shows, but also included silly adventures of the show's cast of regular characters -- be that sending them through a black hole after a stockpile of super-hairspray goes nuclear and blasts the studio into space, or bombing Kewanee Illinois with Mallo Cups in a failed attempt to keep Cosmonauts Ivan Drombollo and Voster Slepenski from taking over the air-waves.

More than a kid's show and not quite Masterpiece Theatre, Live on Tape is a product of its time and remains a unique example of cheesy, but fun local television.

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