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LivingVertical is an adventure media collective committed to changing the public perception of diabetes through adventures in the vertical world. Founded in 2011 around the creation of Project365, LivingVertical has grown to include five members who each share in the struggle of Type 1 Diabetes and are all represented in the work that we do.

Steve Richert (founder)
Blake McCord
Martin Fuhrer
Jeffrey Lash
Matt Spohn

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External Links

  • LivingVertical homepage - Our website is home to the Diabeticast, a growing podcast about adventuring with diabetes, a blog and a collection of our stories that go behind the scenes of our advocacy and adventure. Prints from our expeditions are also available for sale.
  • Blake McCord - Blake's portfolio
  • Matt Spohn - Matt's climbing gym!
  • Jeffrey Lash - Jeffrey's photography
  • Martin Fuhrer - Martin's Photography and Software design


  1. Emilio Gil
  2. Jason Gebauer
  3. Forrest McCarthy
  4. Forest Lane
  5. Dana Bol
  6. Cynthia Zuber
  7. christopher angell
  8. Alexandre Buisse
  9. Blake McCord
  10. Martin Fuhrer
  11. Sonnie Trotter
  12. Ryan Wiebe
  13. Harriak
  14. Shawn Reeder
  15. Daniel Dunn
  16. Josh Balt