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Atlanta, Ga

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Liz Louis is a recent Television Producer Bachelors of Art graduate at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta Campus with a strong interest in Line Producing. I have worked on a handful of school and independent projects either as producer, unit production manager, or Line Producer. As a Line Producer I have managed to keep all of the projects on or under budget with my meticulous organizational skills, love of numbers, and a natural ability to plan.

One of my professors said it best; " You don't have a plan A if you don't have a plan B." I completely agree.

My true interest in production is Line Producing. I love everything from the office supplies, color-coding, script break down, scheduling, budgeting, organizing all the information to inputting numbers; arguably this is my passion.

Feel free to email me @ Liz.LouisH@gmail.com or visit my LinkedIn page.

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