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Berlin-based couple Brax Moody (DE-Munich) and Vamparela (GR-Thessaloniki) have been playing music together since 2007, either as a DJ duo, in bands, or as remixers and producers. Merge the rhythm and vibrance of Munich’s hip hop clubs with the grime and attitude of Thessaloniki’s back-alley indie bars, put some berlin party flavor in, to get an idea on how to categorize Local Suicide: unique soulful fusion of nu-disco, deep-house, jacking acid and dark techno.

As DJs they've played all over the EU and USA whilst holding down day jobs in the music industry and running one of the top 10 independent music & lifestyle blogs in germany with 40+ international editors. Rest assured that these two have honed their musical tastes and chops.

Having organized parties, festivals, and moderating radio shows for years, Local Suicide is as adept outside the booth as they are in it.

No strangers to the airwaves, Local Suicide have had listeners in both Greece and Germany hooked to their speakers for over a decade. In 2010, Local goes Global, with back-to-back selections streamed to followers worldwide. Brax Moody and Vamparela pump out dance music for the e-generation on Paranoise Web Radio every second Saturday 10-12 pm and every 5th Saturday on munich-based Radio Feierwerk. Plug in. Log on. Join the party.

As Local Goes Global, the diversity which resulted in the merger of North and South into the Local Suicide DJ collective crystallises in the form of the Local Suicide interactive blog. Contributors from across the continent bring their Local perspectives on music, culture, art and entertainment to the worldwide dancefloor. Join the uprising at localsuicide.com.



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