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LOC Associates Entertainment

A company that came from the minds and hearts of brothers that wanted to make their dreams come true; dreams to make music, make a difference in the world, make a mark on the music industry and touch other lives through our music. Each of us was born and raised in Oklahoma City singing, beat boxing, playing the drums, Fruity Loops, Reason, and other instruments. At an early age we knew music was what we loved, had a passion for and luckily seemed to come easy for us. During the 70’s Oklahoma got real rough, almost cut throat and became infested with drugs, pimps, hustlers, and the gang life. With each of us coming from the streets of Oklahoma City, that seemed to be much of what we knew. Before the entire rap industry, R&B artist, and others tried to make gang banging, drug dealing, & pimping look cool... We were doing it for bread and meat... it was survival for us. This was before the beauticians of Bricktown when California Street was called wine-o-street. Soaking up the game and being strong we have survived the streets of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s town, and Oklahoma’s highways. Survival came only after doing time and having lost so many homies and homegirls to the streets and justice systems. Dealing with the rough life in Oklahoma everyone either had or has a story to tell, but with no one to tell it. LOC Associates Entertainment reached out to the streets and the music industry to tell the story for the voices that either couldn’t or wouldn’t be heard. With these options not only did we start LOC Associates Entertainment with our minds, bodies, money and souls… We overcame everyone that has doubted, questioned, and all of the haters.

This we want to thank you for! We continue to make moves across the country making friends (not fans), and connections in the music industry. Over the past couple years LOC Associates Entertainment has been making a lot of noise on the streets of Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Atlanta, Alabama, California, Miami, UK, Russia, and the worldwide web. Performing in shows, making music, collaboration and giving the people the music they love. LOC Associates Entertainment has a variety artists, including H.T., Bro’ Bro’, T-Will, Rude Boi, Swipa Kidd, Smoke, Yung Stuwee, DeWey, LC Da Hustla, C. Jizzle, and G-Duce… Forming… LOC Associates; one of the hottest groups in Oklahoma and when my artists are solo, some of the hottest artist in Oklahoma.

LOC Associates Entertainment has come from a startup label to having VARIOUS opportunities for artist and labels. Just to name a few starting your own label, copy writes, worldwide digital distributions, CD productions, Social Media site setups/manage, Targeted Facebook fans, Worldwide Facebook fans, YouTube fans (Up to 1000 Views Per Day), Twitter fans, Reverbnation followers, ITunes music video uploads, Demo submit Celebrity Opportunities, Demo Submissions for distributions deals, Hunnid Racks Promotions, Pandora Station Setup, Graphic Designs and more.

We were nominated for the best known label, CEO, & best known group in the Oklahoma City Street Music Awards.

LOC Associates Entertainment mission is to help artist get there digital & physical distribution, social media setup & managed, promotion, flyers, CD covers, business cards, and shows.

If you believe you have something hot to sell, looking to network or do business…



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LOC Associates Entertainment would like to give a BIG thanks to …

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LOC Associates Entertainment

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