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We're a small team of VFX specialists based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We create visual magic...from sparkling galaxies to ghouls, from gut-wrenching explosions to bodily fluids and from cuddly creatures to the most powerful magic of all ......that you don't even know just happened. We liberate ideas, bring pictures to life and live for the power of story

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  1. www.soup-dev.com
  2. Mickaël Forrett (MEO)
  3. iaminawe
  4. Mike Buckland
  5. Pollen
  6. David Hecker
  7. Blade
  8. Candice Tennant
  9. derik
  10. Wendy Ndlovu
  11. video.star
  12. Liezel Vermeulen
  13. E-Z
  14. BrettSinclair
  15. juju
  16. Meg Rickards
  17. Tim Argall
  18. Todd Geist

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