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Portland, Oregon

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“Former Dandy Warhols protégé Portland electropopper Logan Lynn is back with Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, a layered confection of shiny beats, blips and synths with more lyrical heft than the average dance-floor soundtrack.”

- Willamette Week

“Somehow, a kid who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church where even musical instruments were too secular to have around has developed into an innovative adult musician with a dirty-honest edge. “Turn Me Out,” the debut track off his upcoming fifth studio album, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, is blunt, raunchy, and fun.”

- Advocate Magazine

“Delightfully warm synth-pop…Feed Me to the Wolves toes the line between Cut Copy‘s epic chimes and Ladytron‘s dancefloor squiggling.”

- Under The Radar Magazine

“The singer/songwriter sets his heartfelt confessionals to the sound of blaring synths, driving drum rhythms, and pulsing basslines. Sonically adventurous yet possessing the pop sensibilities that lesser artists would forsake in the name of artsiness, Lynn is set to become the new golden boy of sensitive electro-pop.”

- URB Magazine

“Logan Lynn’s emo-disco-pop blend has already made him a hit with gay guys who like to hear their lives — from the highs to the lows — set to music. His ability to capture melancholy and melody is really no surprise, given that the grandmother who taught him about music also taught a similarly emotional man, Johnny Cash.”

- OUT Magazine

“Fans of electronic compositions and mood music will enjoy Logan Lynn, whose efforts are variously described as electro-pop and emotronic.”

- USA Today

“Having surfaced to the indie music scene for all the right reasons in recent years, Logan Lynn has released an amazing collection of upbeat, sprawling electro-pop tracks that are not over-produced but engineered to be original and free-flowing. There’s a lot of musical experience and talent wrapped neatly in this well packaged upcoming release.”

- Indie Rock Cafe


Logan Lynn has released 7 albums, 5 EP’s and 4 singles since 1998.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Lynn first gained national and international recognition in 2006 when MTV’s Logo channel began airing his music videos. He hosted “NewNowNext” and did a number of televised commercial spots for the channel, and his “Feed Me To The Wolves” video was named one of 2008’s Top 10 Videos by the network.

Lynn was signed to Caroline/EMI via The Dandy Warhols owned-and-operated Beat The World label from 2007 to 2010, when he announced that he would be going on hiatus to pursue activism work for the LGBT community full time.

In 2013 Logan Lynn returned with a new record, a U.S. tour, a handful of videos, and the promise of a new sound on the way with what will be Lynn’s 8th studio album.

For an extended bio, please check out Logan's Wikipedia page.

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