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Lolex Inc. is a full service company that specializes in music production, artist/talent management and video entertainment and brand enhancement. We offer music production services, creative licensing and publishing. Our solid relationships within today's entertainment industry give our clients the competitive advantage that helps them achieve their creative goals.

Founded in 2000, the company's track record includes work with established artists, such as Universal's platinum talent Savage, whose single "Swing" was featured in the movie Knocked Up; Sean P., who featured on Lil Jon's hit "Snap Your Fingers"; UK reggae musician Maxi Priest; Lil Wayne, Rayvon, and a host of other major artists.

Lolex Inc. also launched a product line for Cristiana Shields, sister to actress Brooke Shields. The launch event was held at the Union Square Lounge in New York City, which has always been her dream. From the ambiance of the location to the attendees, there was a great presence of excitement at the event, felt by many. "She is a creator and deserves a chance to shine," said Lovell B. Ramsay, CEO of Lolex Inc.

Lolex Inc. will continue to build long-standing relationships with successful artists and companies in today's entertainment industry as well as produce and publish successful content. Ramsay is a firm believer in sacrifice, determination, and persistence to get the job done. His devotion to the entertainment industry is like he says: "It's not about money and success; it's about loyalty and self respect."

"Everything I do I do with ease."
Shannon Ramsay-Ramzan
President, Lolex Inc.

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