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This light humanist universal photographic work is set in motion by David Ken.
Fashion and advertising photographer, David does know how to grab beauty better than anyone. He works daily with models that are used to traditional beauty codes.
Through his brand new artistic approach, always full of freedom, he goes back to the very essence of his art that is emotion and energy.
The obsession: grabbing a good laugh, this magical moment when you just let it go and cant control yourself and your image slips out of your hands. As a consequence the reflection you get is undoubtedly closer than whatever we really are, and for a moment we are getting our mind away from any border, proscription or taboo.
The casting: Any sex, any age, any color, any religion, any social class. All are called upon to join us using Facebooks social web as a major tool for recruiting people.
To start with: acquaintances, anonymous, celebrities, and then the domino effect that spreads from a friend to a friend of a friend of mine And What about you?
The performance: It is twofold. First of all, an uncontrollable laughter must be brought about on each model. The result of this laugh will become a glowing unique and rare portrait, conferring the photography a solar energy. Because it is under the tensed features of a face bursting into laughter that aesthetic is to be found; that is another beauty revealed, the most touching one, the beauty of abandon, of truth

Laughing Out Loud" ou Mort de Rire en Français.
Cette œuvre photographique universelle,
légère,humaniste et participative est signée David Ken.

L'obsession : Saisir l'éclat de rire, ce moment magique de lâché prise et de perte de contrôle ou notre image nous échappe.
Le casting : Tous les sexes, âges, couleurs, religions et catégories sociales sont appelés à participer avec comme outil principal de recrutement Facebook.
Pour commencer : les connaissances, des anonymes et des célébrités, puis le vivier infini des amis de ses amis... jusqu'à vous... peut-être.
La performance : Elle est Double. Tout d'abord, il faut provoquer un vrai fou rire à chaque modèle et en garder un portrait unique et rare : solaire.

Par William Lafarge

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