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Valley Village, CA

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I’ve been telling stories on stage and on screen since high school when the drama director was hospitalized and my friend Wade and I took over to put together the last show of the year. (True story… like the movie “Stripes” only in high school drama instead of the army.)

I love making an audience laugh, cry, catch their breath, and maybe even think about a thing or two. I also love the filmmaking process. And even though I have received a number of accolades for my work, the biggest reward is always a finished product… and the fun I had working with other people to get it there.

These films represent a small smattering of my work. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.


  1. Nathan Scoggins
  2. David Rispoli
  3. Sodium Entertainment
  4. Adam Hall
  5. Brandon Lippard
  6. Graham Fisher
  7. Kevin T. Willson
  8. Brent Bailey
  9. Drew Maw