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  1. 5 Vignettes

    by Blake Whitman

    2,755 Videos / 3,365 Members

    A variety of the '5 Vignettes' videos by the users of Vimeo. 5 short, 5 second clips -- no music -- and try not to use clips you've used before :) tag with: '5 Vignettes'…

  2. [INACTIVE] Sony NEX-VG900 / A99 User Group

    by H. Paul Moon

    150 Videos / 355 Members

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to do a better job at keeping up, I've consolidated this NEX-VG900 specific User Group with the one that covers the whole line-up of NEX-VG10, VG20, VG30 and VG900 at…

  3. Anamorphic

    by mataikan

    2,512 Videos / 1,560 Members

    Video Shot using anamorphic lens and emulating anamorphic effects

  4. BlackmagicUser

    by RAWComms.net

    2,864 Videos / 781 Members

    Contributors and members of a wide online community of professionals working within video production. Specialising in media created using Blackmagic Design products.

  5. Canon 7D Raw Video

    by Florian Betrencourt (Flofifull)

    139 Videos / 328 Members

    A place for raw video shot on the Canon 7D with Magic Lantern.

  6. Canon Filmmakers

    by Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor

    41 Videos / 832 Members

    A group for contests and video challenges created by CanonFilmmakers.com For more info on our first challenge either go to the forum in this group or to: http://canonfilmmakers.com/blog/2010/11/10/30-second-film-festival-challenge-1/

  7. Everyone's Take Away Show

    by La Blogotheque

    5,071 Videos / 826 Members

    Every video related to the Take Away Shows project by La Blogotheque. - Videos of La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows - Videos made by our friends - And any video that follows the spirit !…


    by Maarten Toner

    512 Videos / 4,935 Members

    Welcome to the original Do It Yourself Film Tool group. We are trying to collect as many practical tips, filmtool ideas and "build your own" videos as possible. From 3D setups, dolly…

  9. Final Cut Pro & Pro X Tips and Tricks

    by Joel Godin

    890 Videos / 1,588 Members

    Here you'll find quick tips, tutorials, and tricks for using Final Cut Pro and Pro X from Apple. Occasional examples if they showcase Final Cut features.

  10. FX

    by Ale Corsini

    11.7K Videos / 5,886 Members

    Share your most impressive VISUAL EFFECTS! This group is dedicated to all of you working with Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects to name a few. FX is a Vimeo group dedicated…

  11. Lens Whacking

    by James Miller

    302 Videos / 334 Members

    Off lens (disconnected) filming. Filming with the lens disconnected from the camera body, producing a tilt shift, flare look. Focusing is achieved by moving the lens in and out with the left hand…

  12. LIVE HD

    by DaVincicode

    2,087 Videos / 123 Members

    There is something so special about bands that play LIVE. There is the audience and the excitement.. That is why I would like to see some great LIVE HD Footage on here.

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