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About 425 registered pilots handle 90.000 shipping movements annually. The present-day registered pilot is an independent professional. The pilot acts as advisor to the master. With the master’s permission, he is in charge of navigation on board a ship. In this way he contributes considerably to the safe and efficient handling of nautical traffic and the protection of the marine environment and infrastructure. Not only does the registered pilot bear great responsibility for the ship, but also for those on board and for the society.

The Loodswezen is a maritime organisation, working continuously to ensure the best possible. Key factors herein are maximum flexibility and quality. Pilots provide round-the-clock service.

All registered pilots are professionally organized in the form of a public body for the profession: Nederlandse Loodsencorporatie [NLC]. In addition to a number of legal tasks the NLC’s main objective is to maintain and improve the quality of job performence.

The supporting company, Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. provides general support to the pilots and their profession. The primary tasks are the collection of pilotage charges and transportation of the registered pilots to and from the sea-going vessels.

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