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LC it's a platform based and established in Naples in 1997 by Mario Manganelli with the aim of spreading Techno Music, Culture and Life Style.
Since than LC has been busy with several project, like: Club Nights, Productions of Artists, Scouting, Artists and Labels Management, Administration of Publishing Rights.
In 2000 LC moved to Holland, Utrecht first and than Amsterdam where Mario Manganelli was able to build several international and local connections.
In 2008, the activities of LC have been focusing on Publishing and a new Neapolitan based company with same name was established. Mario didn't left behind his passion for scouting, set up a new label named Bauns Music and kept the management and ownership of Loose Records, Rilis and Unrilis.
LC has been for several reasons working with the most established Artists and Record Labels around the globe and has been for many years a lighthouse for the Neapolitan Techno Scene.


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