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Bands like Lo-Star emerge once in a blue moon. From the moment they first played together, their music seemed driven by a force so strong it’s almost tangible. They would struggle to explain it themselves but you can see it in their intense, fiery live shows and hear it in their barbed, hypnotic sound. Lo-Star have taken the worst life can throw at them and thrust it back into songs that brim with a passion and determination most bands would struggle to even imagine. Music is, quite simply, something they feel compelled to do. It was the same even before Lo-Star met. All five of them had been obsessed with music for as long as they can remember, raiding their parents record collections and immersing themselves in Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Motown and Atlantic 60s and 70s soul classics, and anything else they could get their hands on. Lead singer Adam Harris had an early start. At 11 years old, Adam was drumming in a band with Johnny Borrell (now in Razorlight) and later, John Hassall (The Libertines) and at 12, they were gigging around London, playing mainly Hendrix and Zeppelin covers. Adam didn’t take his rightful place at the microphone until university, however, when he formed a new band with keyboard player Ric Albert. Together, they realised they had hit on something special when an early demo led to an offer of a gig at the legendary Kashmir Klub in London’s West End. Bassist Ben Van Rooyen and guitarist Brett Lemmon signed up soon after. Drummer Joel Clempson (son of Clem Clempson from Humble Pie) literally turned up out of nowhere and played all their tunes perfectly. And once Clempson was in place, Lo-Star was officially born. As the band started playing universities, their fan base grew almost overnight. Within days, students started asking for their autographs after their shows, transfixed by the bands stunning, emotive sound and the way Adam’s intimate vocals soar over scrambled guitars, elaborate keyboard melodies, and rock-solid bass and drums. Lo-Star’s music is elegant, vicious, and downright hypnotic in equal parts, with a song to match every mood. “We want to set ourselves that little bit apart from everyone else. I think we realised pretty early on what we might be able to achieve,” Adam admits. “We would finish rehearsals with these big grins on our faces.” Lo-Star are currently working on their debut album having recorded tracks with Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Feeder, Doves), Damien Taylor (Björk, Kasabian, Prodigy) and Ian Dowling (Razorlight, Snow Patrol, Kooks) and have recently been nominated for an Indy music award (indyawards.co.uk).

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