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Gregory R.R. Crosby, Photography/Media, obtained a BA in Film and Video Production from California State University, Long Beach and went on to edit for television. He directs the department’s annual film festival, 4 The Camera Outdoor Dance Film Festival; which has been part of the Art's Council for Long Beach's A LOT Initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Mr. Crosby has worked on countless productions with his production company, Lost Heart Productions, and with Keith Johnson through Fistbomb Films. While working with talented choreographers, Crosby produced the dance films, Life in Security (ADF, ACDFA, Dance Conversations at the Flea, Breaking Ground, WestFest, Fusion), Wander/lost (Dance on Camera- 25CPW, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema), Evacuated (Dance on Camera-Lincoln Center, Dance Camera West, WestFest), Promiscuity (Dance Camera West), Hoofing to the White House and the Steve Zee for President series (Topanga Film Festival), has had screenings in the Newport Beach Film Festival, Sprouts Film Festival, and at the DGA theater.

Mr. Crosby is the resident photographer and videographer for the Department of Dance producing publicity material and documenting concerts. He teaches classes that produce Screendance for graduate and undergraduate students and works with BFA students to create working performance artist portfolios; complete with headshots, studio dance photography, and websites.

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