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Lost Mile Studios is a Toronto-based collective of artisans, creators and technicians; all uniquely talented industry professionals. Since it’s inception in 2008, Lost Mile Studios has quickly grown to attract some of the best and brightest of young talent. The team working at the heart of Lost Mile possess such drive, passion and determination. Everything we do becomes a passion project. Lost Mile Studios specializes in that little extra, we don’t do something good enough, we strive for phenomenal. Being a design a firm, we're able to offer a wide variety of services and project to our clients, including; Commercials, Long/Short format videos (including documentaries), Music Videos, Graphic and logo design, web design and site hosting/maintenance, new media implementation, corporate videos and events, Photography, Design consulting, and when needed custom webapp deployment. Lost Mile Studios is ideal for any and all creative media needs, because we care about what we do.

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