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We’ve all heard the stats, web users watch over 6 billion hours of video per month, and that’s just on YouTube. Put simply, that’s an hour per person alive per month.

In that hour the planet makes;
Purchasing decisions
Trust decisions
Laughs with brands
Laughs at brands
Smiles at customers stories
Cries at customer stories

In that hour, the planet seeks to be entertained, to be informed, to be educated and to be empowered.

Loud&Clear has been helping their clients create engaging video content for 8 years and as the ‘entertain me’ user emerges, we’ve evolved with them.

We’ve created video and branded entertainment for Australian Federal and State Governments, ASX listed organisations all the way through to ultra-cool startups and entertainment brands.

We don’t just figure out how to make the video engaging, we also work with our digital marketing team to figure out who the audience is, where they hang out, and how we can engage the influencers.

We make sure that in addition to creating stunning video content for your brand, we find your online audience as well.

6 billion is a lot of hours. Speak to us about how we’ll go about getting your share.

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