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Los Angeles, CA

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Delving into his Grandmother’s closets to try on her stockings, colourful shoes and red lipstick, Jedroot signed stylist Brett Bailey loves to create outlandish characters from clothes.

Starting off life as a dancer, chumming up with Britney to shake a tail feather or two, NYC based Bailey first fell in love with fashion whist modelling for Vogue Italia. Nice work if you can get it and today Brett most commonly can, although now you’ll find him behin-the-scenes as opposed to causing one. Brett thinks his first name should have been ‘love’, so passionate is he about everything. From styling superstars such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Uffie to working on special projects styling multiple covers of alternative art quarterly ‘The New Tough’ and producing his own independent fashion films, this busy boy knows how to work it hard and party harder. i-D online caught high tide to find out what direction Brett Bailey’s oceans are moving in.

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