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Love Light Romania brings hope and relief to children, young adults and families who are suffering HIV/AIDS. Opportunities for a bright and productive future, to children and teenagers living a feral lifestyle, with an aim to stop cycles of poverty in future generations. Our mission is to listen and support the lives of those who are discriminated against, be-friend and care for those who are lonely and forgotten.

The association attends to the individual needs, providing practical help and support. Our policy is humanitarian service, where the work of the mission is primary. We highlight and give further insight into the need surrounding both HIV/AIDS and poverty issues. By being a voice for those who are weak and treated with disdain, we ensure that children, young adults, entire communities do not struggle alone.

We believe that every person has the right to a healthy life without discrimination. That there is always hope, where there is sickness or where there are children living a feral life in squalor. If we care for the children, educate them and give them opportunities, we bring opportunities for a brighter future.

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